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it'll only hurt a little

How can someone hold such a mean person on a high fucking pedestal? When someone so nice and sweet and helpful has such a low pedestal. I don’t understand how that makes any since. If I was mean and ignored someone, I wouldn’t even be acknowledge with be put onna high fucking horse.

I personally don’t mind switching. Being his dom and then his little. I greatly enjoy the swap. We are both kind of new at this and are coming to common likes and dislikes. How do i talk with him about my likes on a more controlling level? Sometimes i want him to pull me aside and choke me and tell me im his goodgirl and when we get home you’re gonna cum like a goodgirl should. It is hard trying to explain that without it seeming like i want it to be fully public. How do I explain the private-public dominance play?

I cant be comfortable in my own home when i live with someone who is like a dictator, wanting to control everything. Being contained from my true feelings. Having to be a fake me, wearing a mask among the native folk. Having to pretend like its ok, like the world isnt full of gloom moments. It creates a half of me. A part that sits and ponders on issues, which are not hazardous problems, waiting for the right time to jump out and fill the days with too much anger too .much frustration.